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Mix update March 16th 2020 

Here are a couple of live mixes by Fernando from Classic House Radio Live featuring Curtis Mcclain Saturday March 14th and Mario Smokin Diaz. We will be posting additional mixes from that night by Dave C and Mario Smokin Diaz soon.


Mix update March 2nd 

We have a couple of more live mixes from the past couple of weeks we will be uploading to the music page soon. Right now we have the live mix from this past Saturday night's party featuring Dajae by Fernando. This mix is electric. It's a blend of old school house and new techno.

Fernando Mix Update January 23rd 

Here are a few choice selections of Fernando in the mix.

The Order of Sound House Music Program Edition 105 features brand new House tracks from 2019.

The Order of Sound Anthology 72 mixed by Fernando for Classic House Radio features new music. This mix is fire, no doubt. Many of these new tracks have samples or the feel of older classic house songs.

The Order of Sound Trance Music Program Edition 92 mixed by Fernando. This mix features some favorite all time vocal Trance songs.


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